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Welcome to the world of Sidewinder Lures 
All Sidewinder products are carefully developed and extensively tested in conjunction with professional line fisherman working out of Dartmouth, South Devon, England. Our continual process of innovation and development ensure that only the best lures qualify to be included under the Sidewinder label. 
We have worked very hard to come up with a range of lures that mimic the best nature has got to offer and will provide you with the very best results from the shore or the boat . 
Sidewinders – Better than Bait ! 
Joey Bloodhead
Dart Angler - Dawn , Dartmouth 
Sidewinder sponsor new boat 
We are delighted to now be working with one of the most respected boats in Plymouth. Crusader is a purpose built Evolution 38, maintained to the highest standard and kitted out with the latest electronics. Bringing a wealth of experience and product development possibilities we are delighted to welcome skipper Rick and first mate Kevin onto our team. 
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RATTLEBACKS ™Jig head Sandeels 
Our brand new range of superb Jig Head sandeels lures are packed with many innovative features never before seen in a latex lure. 
Salt Trap Tech (STT) - we have used actual salt in the manufacturing process so that they taste salty to fish. 
DUO construction - double pour latex build for durability whilst retaining the famous Sidewinder action! 
In built ‘Rattle Chamber’ featuring tungsten rattle balls for great vibrations during retrieve. 
Dayglo belly tube - glows in the dark, brilliant for deep wrecks. ( For best results - ‘charge’ 
the belly of the lures with a torch before use). 
Best quality components and Mustad hooks throughout. 
Packing - 2 Complete Rattlebacks per Blister pack . 
Rattlebacks 4” - 25gr - 2pkt Retail - 7.99 
Rattlebacks 6” - 42gr - 2pkt Retail – 7.99 
Our Sidewinder Weedless Minnows represent extensive testing and research by our commercial line anglers to find a 
workable Minnow design that really does avoid the snags, Plus the fish love em’ ! 
Packing - 2 Complete Weedless Minnows per Blister pack . 
Salt Trap Tech (STT) - we have used actual salt in the manufacturing process so that they taste salty to fish. 
Shimmer Skin pearlescent finish for all colours. 
Inbuilt hook tube and back groove for enchanced hook ups and great Sidewinder action! 
Best quality components and Mustad hooks throughout. 
Super Weedless Minnows 4 ½” - 30gr - 2pkt Retail - 7.99 
Super Weedless Minnows 5 ½” - 40gr - 2pkt Retail - 7.99 
Insist on Genuine Sidewinders-Better than Bait !  
From 2011 on all new Sidewinder lures will be stamped with our trademark snake design on the tail . This is so you can be sure that you are using a genuine Sidewinder lure instead of inferior imitations which are now on the market. 
All Sidewinders are made from our exclusive latex mix that guarentees the best possible live action . It is neither too soft , nor too stiff and will ensure the best catch rates everytime you fish! 
Insist on genuine Sidewinders - Lures with a sting in the tail!